The Civil Service College and NTUC LearningHub have embarked on a partnership to bring to you a series of specially curated service management and personal development programmes. Under this partnership, NTUC LearningHub manages 14 CSC proprietary programmes, ranging from creating positive impressions for good service and coaching staff for service excellence, amongst others. Sign up for these programmes today, and embark on your journey to be a successful and customer-centric service professional.  
  Hdc23_-_influencing_and_diffusing_skills_for_difficult_customer_situations   Pic13_-_creating_positive_first_impressions_in_customer_service   Sml10_-_service_motivation_and_leadership
  Influencing and Diffusing Skills for Difficult Customer Situations   Creating Positive First Impressions In Customer Service   Service Motivation and Leadership
  Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $366.00   Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $651.00   Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $615.00
  Do you work with customers who often drive you up a wall? Although anger is a common emotional response to a frustrating situation, as professionals we can keep our cool and respond in a way which results in positive customer satisfaction. How custom...   As a customer service officer, you are an ambassador of your organisation. Hence, the first impression you make is crucial and with each and every service transaction, you will want to create a positive and lasting impression that builds up the image ...   Are you in a situation where the service team under you is not performing up to expectations? Do you find that your team’s motivation and customer satisfaction fluctuates and varies too frequently? Or do you think you have put in your best effort but ...
  Shutterstock_95684017   Icr10_-_internal_customer_service_-_improving_internal_relations_for_service_delivery   Cse12_-_supervising___coaching_staff_for_service_excellence
  A Systemic Approach to Managing and Implementing Service Excellence   Internal Customer Service - Improving Internal Relations For Service Delivery   Supervising and Coaching Staff for Service Excellence
  Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $640.00   Books   1 Day(s)    Coin   $555.00   Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $575.00
  Compared to the past, service quality has improved significantly in the public sector. The constant challenge is to maintain this quality yet come up with new initiatives to push for service excellence. Knowing our customer profile and managing custom...   Every employee in an organisation plays a significant role in customer service. Even though you may not have direct contact with an external customer, your behaviour will ultimately impact fellow colleagues who regularly deal with members of the publi...   As a manager or supervisor in a service-oriented environment, you play an important role in ensuring that your staff are properly managed and developed to achieve organisational goals. A leader who has the skills to be an effective coach and manager h...
  Sqm10_-_sq_role_model_-_exemplifying_excellence_in_customer_service   Srm12_-_the_art_of_service_recovery   Svc13_-_becoming_a_service_superstar_-_bringing_out_the_service_champion_in_you
  SQ Role Model - Exemplifying Excellence in Customer Service   The Art of Service Recovery   Becoming a Service Superstar - Bringing Out the Service Champion in You
  Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $950.00   Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $426.00   Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $437.00
  MAGIC, also known as ‘Make A Great Impression on the Customer’, sets a benchmark for public officers to follow in order to shape our citizens’ impression of service and build an image and reputation of a first-class public service. MAGIC creates p...   Even the most service-oriented organisation stumbles occasionally. At times like these, you and your organisation need to act swiftly and be proactive to solve the problem and regain the customer's trust. You will learn the art of service recovery...   How can you as a public officer make a difference to the citizens and customers you serve? Through this course, you will be a star performer within the organisation, one who creates enchanting service encounters and demonstrates service behaviours tha...
  Wdc10_-_winning_over_difficult_customers_in_the_public_sector_-_defusing_their_hostility   3r123_-_3rs_module_1_getting_a_global_mindset   3r223_-_3rs_module_2_finding_opportunities_to_make_a_difference
  Winning Over Difficult Customers in the Public Sector - Defusing their Hostility   3Rs Module 1: Getting a Global Mindset   3Rs Module 2: Finding Opportunities to Make a Difference
  Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $381.00   Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $341.00   Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $363.00
  Regardless of their role, public officers who deal with customers face the challenge of managing frustrated customers on a daily basis. These frustrated customers can turn out to be verbally abusive or hostile, which is often due to misunderstandings ...   Our global environment is ruled by much flux and uncertainty. Singapore has also evolved where we now have a better educated, more discerning and demanding citizenry. Indeed, the whole world has seen a series of unprecedented political, ethical, econo...   Traditionally, we associate adding value with the ability to do our job more effectively by being technically competent or performing beyond expectations. This is no longer sufficient. Today, confronted by more challenging conditions, the Public Servi...
  3r323_-_3rs_module_3_oops!_more_value_add_qualities_needed   3r423_-_3rs_module_4_thriving_and_communicating_in_the_changing_workplace
  3Rs Module 3: Oops! More Value Add Qualities Needed   3Rs Module 4: Thriving and Communicating in the Changing Workplace
  Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $333.00   Books   2 Day(s)    Coin   $348.00
  Innovation, enterprise and risk-taking are critical to the Public Service to ensure Singapore's long term survival and growth. We need public officers with the capacity to be engaged, to be resilient, optimistic, tenaciously curious and to keep lookin...   A key phenomenon in the Public Service is a new generation of officers assuming higher responsibilities and managing older and more experienced staff. Public officers also find themselves confronted with new priorities presented by new strategic initi...
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