Creating Positive First Impressions In Customer Service


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  As a customer service officer, you are an ambassador of your organisation. Hence, the first impression you make is crucial and with each and every service transaction, you will want to create a positive and lasting impression that builds up the image of your organisation.  
  By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Understand what customers perceive as a professional image for a frontline officer • Master the components of professionalism, namely grooming standards, body language, verbal communication and business etiquette  
  Creating positive impressions for customers at service counters • Facial expression: Maintaining eye contact • What constitutes friendly body language • Dos and Don'ts for handshakes and at the service counters • Handling customers with special needs, e.g., customers in wheelchairs • Proper way of giving directions to customers at the doors or elevators • Retrieving fallen items from the ground Basic verbiage and vocal communication when attending to customers • Using the right choice of words when replying customers on difficult customer situations and on organisation’s policies • Minimising the use of Singlish • Understanding how your tone of voice is a reflection of your mood Global forms of address • Identifying customers’ first names • Managing difficult-to-pronounce names • Addressing customers who are senior citizens Grooming standards (basic skincare, makeup and career dressing) • Learning the correct way to wear your uniform for uniformed staff • Dressing to suit your role Business etiquette • Introduction to seating arrangements in meetings • Exhibiting social courtesy • Making business introduction when handling customers of different gender and seniority • Appreciation of etiquette towards western customers  
  Ida Ong    

Ida Ong is the Founder and Owner of Imp International, a top Model Agency and Grooming College since 1977. She comes with a wealth of experience in her field. Over the years, Ida has gained a strong reputation of being a top Grooming Consultant, having groomed a wide range of individuals, from professionals to top models and actors like Zoe Tay and Fann Wong.

Ida shares valuable tips on topics such as Body Language, Fashion Sense, Business, Social and Dining Etiquette, etc and enjoys wonderful rapport with her audience. In 2011, she was one of the winners of CSC Trainer Excellence Award 2011 which honors active trainers who have been with the college for more than 5 years, enjoyed good ratings for their programmes and who were willing to go the extra mile.

‘Let Your Image Work for You’, ‘Managing Winning Image’, ‘Social and Dining Etiquette’ and ‘Creating First Impressions that Last – A Professional Image Course for Frontline Officers’ are the courses Ida conducts at IPAM. Her clients include MediaCorp, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, St Regis Hotel, Crown Plaza Terminal 3 Hotel and the exclusive Marina Club One Deg 15. She has trained public officers from MCYS, MINDE, MPA, ITE, ICA, Supreme Court, Singapore Customs, MOM, SEAB, SPF, CRA, SCDF, Singapore Poly, MTI, IRAS, IDA, Temasek Poly, Republic Poly, NEA, amongst others.

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