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  MAGIC, also known as ‘Make A Great Impression on the Customer’, sets a benchmark for public officers to follow in order to shape our citizens’ impression of service and build an image and reputation of a first-class public service. MAGIC creates positive interactions with customers and manages perceptions. You must first make the choice to practice ‘MAGIC’, thereby sharpening your actions and strategies to interact with your customers more effectively. As a result, your organisation, customers and most of all, you, will benefit. You will learn the importance of relationships, and how to build self-awareness, so that you will present your personal best at all times. You will also gain skills which are necessary to interact effectively with others and be empowered to be ‘MAGIC’.  
  By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Develop a commitment to exemplify service quality and champion customer service • Deliver a customer experience that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations and objectives • Communicate with the customer in mind, using customer service techniques at each stage of a customer interaction to build MAGIC relationships  
  • Taking baby steps - The basics - What’s in it for me? - The different kinds of customers - Dispelling customer service myths - Understanding what customers want - Managing perception - Taking it from the top on service standards: What you can measure and manage • MAGIC - It’s your choice - Releasing your MAGIC: “Making A Great Impression on the Customer” - The inner game of customer contact: Dealing with negative expectations, stereotyping and personalisation • Tossing the ball back and forth - Effective communication - Improving your opening greeting - The turning point: Your first response - Self-focused vs. Customer-focused responses - MAGIC makeovers: What you say and don’t say (words and phrases; tone and pace; body language) - The art of active listening: The four levels of listening - What’s the catch-point: Asking the right questions • Jumping in with both feet - Build MAGIC relationships - Getting to know the 5 MAGIC steps - Getting the message across: Delivering the message using the staging technique - Getting into your customer’s head - Respect and empathy: Moving from feelings to professional skills • Putting your customer first - Face-to-face contact - Contact via telephone: Creating a personal and effective outgoing voicemail - Email etiquette and writing • When the going gets tough - Saying “No”: Doing the “Can-can”; what to say instead of “No” - Seeing red: Dealing with a crisis using the triple-A approach - Managing specific customer personalities - Taking initiative: Bouncing back from service blunders - Dealing with customer complaints  
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  Chua Bee Choo   Lee Lay Peng, Vanisa  

Chua Bee Choo conducts training mainly in the areas of customer service and personal effectiveness. Her areas of training include Customer Service, WITS/IQC, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Managing and Motivating Frontline Staff for Service Excellence, Working with Difficult People and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Ms Chua’s experience comes from years of working with people from different industries, both from the private and public sectors. Her forte in customer service comes from her practical experience in dealing with customers at the front counters and call centres, as well as developing and implementing service policies and initiatives; such as setting service standards, conduct service audits, evaluating performance and implementing the integrated rewards system for the organisation.

She holds a Master of Education in Training and Development with the University of Sheffield, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Diploma in HRD, Associate Diploma in Customer Service (USA) and the Associate Diploma in Public Speaking (LCM), a Certified Trainer for the Disc Profiling System, Certified Trainer for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Certified Six Seconds Associate EQ Trainer and Certified Stress Management Consultant. She has also attained ACTA certification awarded by WDA.


Vanisa specialises in soft skills training particularly in the area of service excellence and people skills.

She has many years of experience teaching and facilitating adult learning in both government and private sectors. Her early careers were in human resource, organisation development and culture.

Vanisa holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Southern Queensland (Australia), a second class honours (upper) degree in Social Science from the National University of Singapore (Social Work), a diploma in Training and Development Management from the Institute of Training and Development (UK) and another Diploma in Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL).

She is a certified teacher for the Spalding Method to Literacy. She is qualified to administer in Personality Profiling System (DISC) and Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (EQ). She possesses Workforce Development Agency (WDA)’s Work Skills Qualification- Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (WSQ-ACTA). Vanisa is also trained by Harvard Professor Robert Kegan to facilitate personal/group development using the Immunity to Change Approach.

Vanisa is recognised by Institute of Adult Learning Singapore as an Associate Adult Educator.

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