The Art of Service Recovery


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  Even the most service-oriented organisation stumbles occasionally. At times like these, you and your organisation need to act swiftly and be proactive to solve the problem and regain the customer's trust. You will learn the art of service recovery and how organisations can turn problems into opportunities by designing systems that respond immediately to correct product and service errors. You will also be shown how service recovery can create the type of customer satisfaction that pays off in the long run.  
  By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Establish the rationale for service recovery • Acquire tips for effective recovery at the service encounter level • Understand the organisational framework and process for effective service recovery • Accept the need for empowerment and identify ways in which staff can be empowered to deliver effective recovery • Understand the concept of service reliability through service system design  
  • Recognise the importance of service recovery as an approach to restore the public’s confidence in the event of service failures • Develop a framework for service recovery • Acquire skills to diffuse tensions at the service encounter level • Implement Service Recovery at the systemic level • Anticipate service challenges and potential service failures through service blueprinting • Empower frontline employees for service recovery • Recognise the importance of reviewing and continuously improving the service recovery process and system  
  Caleb Chua Soon Boon    

Caleb Chua has a M.A. in Education and Human Development (George Washington University), a Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (SIM) and a B.A. in Social Science (NUS). Caleb has extensive speaking and consulting experience in the areas of service quality, organisational development, change management, as well as facilitating leadership development and communication programmes. He was one of the pioneer members that started the Service Quality Centre and was directly involved in the design and development of many of SQ Centre’s various programmes. Caleb is a Senior Singapore Quality Award Assessor and was conferred the “Green Jacket” status in 2000 by SPRING Singapore.

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