3Rs Module 4: Thriving and Communicating in the Changing Workplace


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  A key phenomenon in the Public Service is a new generation of officers assuming higher responsibilities and managing older and more experienced staff. Public officers also find themselves confronted with new priorities presented by new strategic initiatives. The new leadership, different work styles and expectations have implications for the working relationship between supervisor-supervisee and among peers. Module 4: Thriving and Communicating in the Changing Workplace, will help you grasp how the workplace is changing and shaped by a different generation of public officers and new priorities, and the implications for personal strategies of control. You will learn to develop effective behaviours to become more adaptable and to work effectively with supervisors and colleagues in a more demanding environment.  
  By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Be aware of the recent changes that have occurred at the workplace • Appreciate the attributes and value of the different workforce generations • Develop rapport with and respect for your supervisors and colleagues • Handle potential work-style conflicts  
  • The changing workplace • What is cross-generation? • Attributes of the four generations • New employee-supervisor relationships • Value of a cross-generation team • Workforce for the 21st Century • Action plan  
  Anita   Katherine  
  Anita Ong   Katherine Chua Geok Lian  

Anita Ong is a B.Acc graduate who is bi-lingual and Celta trained. She has worked in banking, accounting corporate firms and later as an editorial cum feature writer before embarking on training. She first started teaching diploma courses in commercial schools and has many years of training experience with both the public and private sectors since. Her forte is in personal development courses. She enjoys training because of the interaction and rapport with participants. She has a Diploma in Applied Gerontology. She also conducts courses in Chinese.​


Katherine Chua graduated with her Master of Arts in Human Resource Development with The George Washington University in 2009. She also has a Bachelor in Education and Training (HRD) with The University of Melbourne. She has completed the ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment Programme) Certification conducted by Workforce Development Agency. She started training for Civil Service College since 1997. She has designed, developed and facilitated diverse programmes for prestigious multinational organizations (regionally and locally), government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals and many other public and private organisations since 1992. A highly rated learning facilitator, her participants and students find her courses engaging, interactive, relevant and she is passionate to help them apply their learning at the workplace and also in their personal lives.

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